Welcome to the Online Media Group for Science (OMG Science). On this site, you will find a series of case studies exploring how different people and organisations use online media as they communicate science to a range of audiences. They are intended to be honest and interesting examples of how people and organisations have used online media; what has or hasn’t worked and why.

We hope you will discuss them here, or elsewhere, and that this discussion will help you think about how to use the tools that exist. So please take part in the discussion, nominate someone else who you’d like to hear from, share stuff with colleagues or even submit your own case study! For more information please check out the Contribute section. And for the latest updates, follow us on Twitter @omg4science!

142 Responses for Welcome

  1. Peter Green says:

    Good to see this site. We have used the social web to extend the coverage of our contributors news for sometime. Recently we have added free support for blogs by providing bloggers who register with us to create any number of customisable RSS feeds for their blogs.

    • tomwells says:

      Thanks for your comment Peter, does that mean that registered bloggers are syndicated on your site? How has uptake been? And do you have a sense of who has been registering their blogs or who has been reading them?